Spay/Neuter your pet. Don’t buy pets, adopt them from a shelter or rescue from a street. Save a life.
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We want to start by thanking all our supporters and anonymous donors.

Your donations are really appreciated and no amount is too small. We would also like to thank all the participants in our Christmas Raffle. It just ended and it was a great success, because we managed to sell all the tickets and to raise money for the special food for our special need kitties!
Thank you all so much!

The last time, we have mentioned our other critical case, a kitty called Aca. Unfortunately we have some sad news. Aca passed away couple a days ago. He was  9 years old and over the past months, his disease took a turn for worse and he was going almost totally blind. At one point he stopped eating and we knew it was only a matter of time... We assume that is was FIP. Aca and his sisters Anja and Alja were born at the shelter in 2005 and are with us since then. You will be missed sweet Aca and forever in our hearts.

We have already mentioned our 10-year-old Marta. At one point we thought she developed FIP because she has been loosing weight rapidly. Marta is fully recovered now , she stopped loosing weight and is back with her friends. She is taking her SQ fluids but other than that, her medical condition is fine.

Our 13-year-old Makan is still losing weight, although he eats really well and is in a good mood. He is high-risk FIP cat and these changes might suggest that he might be developing FIP. Unfortunately there is not much we can do for him...

Another critical case is 14-year-old girl Kiara. In the past couple of weeks, she started to lose weight and since she is high-risk FIP cat, these changes might suggest that she might be developing FIP. She is not feeling well and she eats just a little. When it comes to SQ fluids, she is not very cooperative, so we will see...

Our other CKD kitties are all doing really well. They are taking their SQ fluids, eating well, being in a good mood. Here are some photos!




We will update you again soon and let you know how things are. In the mean time, please keep on sharing our story.

Thank you so very much for caring and supporting us.