Cats from shelter "Jessica" wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Spay/Neuter your pet. Don’t buy pets, adopt them from a shelter or rescue from a street. Save a life.
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Jessica Jessica, a favorite of Mrs. Zlata Korjenić, died on May 26th 2007. In her memory the cat shelter was named "Jessica". When she was a kitten, kids named her after sexy character Jessica Rabbit from the famous cartoon "Who framed Roger Rabbit".

Cats are extremely endangered animals in Serbia. There are no programs aimed to solve the problem of 'pyramid multiplication' of cats, there is no willingness by the official institutions to take part in solving of these problems. Citizens are not being educated regarding this issues, and their present knowledge is very poor. Cats are being cruelly killed by stray dogs, they are constantly being poisoned by people who put, upon their own initiative, all kinds of harmful chemicals in cellars of residential blocks, new born kittens are being drowned in water or put into plastic bags and thrown into garbage containers. Furthermore, there are numerous prejudices about cats among local people which makes their hard living even more tragic.

Shelter Jessica is shelter for cats that had been registered according to the Rulebook of conditions that the animal shelters and pensions must fulfill.

"Help Animals" donated its shelter for dogs to another association in January of 2013 so we can devote our time and efforts solely for the protection of cats. In accordance with the new owner of our previous dog shelter, we took over 30 cats which were in the dog shelter, but they remained there because of the lack of capacity in our existing shelter "Jessica". Up until September the 7th, 2014, we were able to relocate 12 of 30 cats to our existing facility. There are still 18 cats (Dina, Iva, Ivona, Leonida, Lizi, Loti, Meda, Miki, Milan, Milanka, Naca, Paula, Pegi, Ralf, Raul, Robert, Sara, Svon) that will be eventually relocated to the shelter "Jessica" once we increase our current capacity.

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This is the place where cats live during the winter and when the weather conditions are bad.
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This is the place where cats live during the summer and when the weather conditions are good.
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