Spay/Neuter your pet. Don’t buy pets, adopt them from a shelter or rescue from a street. Save a life.
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We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Christmas Auction. Many thanks to all who donated, shared and made this event successful!

Also, we want to invite everyone else to join our fundraising group on Facebook and follow our events.

Facebook Group:  CatShelteJessicasFundraisers

Unfortunately in last couple of months we said goodbye to our dear Lunja and sweet Tamir.

Some time ago Lunja was diagnosed with a chin tumor that was immediately operated. But it came back and the vet wasn't hopeful so we knew it was only a matter of time. Our fighter Lunja lived longer than expected and we are grateful for having that time with her.

Tamir had been with us for several years, since we rescued him from a city pound where he was brought by his previous owners... His life wasn't easy and we hope our shelter gave him a bit comfort... Unfortunately corona virus activated and caused herpes and general organs failure.

Boy Bridzi didn’t feel well for a few days, he was coughing and vomiting, but after an antibiotic treatment, he fully recovered!

Kitty Elza had to undergoteeth surgery. We noticed she was eating reluctantly and considering her age we assumed it has something to do with her teeth. After the surgery she is feeling much better!

Our diabetic cats, Mico, Zvezdana and Julian have their own fairy godmother that sends them insulin on regular basis. Since they are receiving it, they feel excellent, so this help is more than welcome!

You remember Lutkica, dog who we rescued from abusive owners?? Today she is living happily with her new family in Italy! Words cannot describe our happiness!

We owe many thanks to our great friend Jelena who organized fundraising event for the shelter. Her fantastic lavender bags, that were made with the help of another dear friend of ours Tanja, and Tijana, gave us much needed financial means. Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Our cats also received valuable gifts, toys, food, hygiene. All of that is always needed and every kind of donation is much appreciated. Thank you Jane C, Vera and Ulla.

We had some visitors in the meantime, old and new friends. Our kitties welcome everyone one who will give them cuddles and play with them.

And of course, our faithful volunteers, Goran and Viktor! Thank you for all your help!

That is all from us at the moment. We will keep you updated and we would like to thank you for all your support!

Please spread the word about our shelter, we need all the help we can get!